The game of life

Massimo Recalcati

The game of life

may fri 27, 2016 - 21.15
piazza del Duomo
 admission euro 3.00

Psychoanalysis investigates how a person can play the game of life without losing touch of his or her own desires. Indeed, neurosis is a way of avoiding playing this game, sitting on the sidelines, delegating the responsibility of action to others. It happens to Hamlet, who overturns Oedipus: while Oedipus does not know who he is but acts nonetheless, Hamlet knows everything but does not react.

As hysteria teaches us, the game of desire is about continually deferring one’s satisfaction. In this case, desire evaporates in utopia. But is there a different kind of desire to Hamlet’s faltering version and hysteria’s utopian vision?

The game of life and the game of desire, as outlined and explained by a highly esteemed and renowned psychoanalyst.

Massimo Recalcati is one of the most famous Lacanian psychoanalysts in Italy. He teaches at the Universities of Pavia and Verona. He is the founder of the Jonas no-profit organisation, a centre for clinical psychoanalysis for new symptoms and Scientific Director of the IRPA School of Specialisation n Psychotherapy as well as a founder and an analyst member of Alipsi. He collaborates with several specialist Italian and international magazines and the cultural section of La Repubblica newspaper. His publications include Ritratti del desiderio (2012), Jacques Lacan. Desiderio, godimento e soggettivazione (2012), Non è più come prima (2014), Jacques Lacan. La clinica psicoanalitica: struttura e soggetto (2016), published by Raffaello Cortina Editore; L’ora di lezione (Einaudi, 2014); Melanconia e creazione in Vincent van Gogh (Bollati Boringhieri, 2014); Il complesso di Telemaco. Genitori e figli dopo il tramonto del padre (2014) and Le mani della madre. Desiderio, fantasmi ed eredità del materno (2015), published by Feltrinelli.