Art’s perspective on play

Antonella Sbrilli

Art’s perspective on play

may sun 29, 2016 - 15.00
teatro Bolognini - Via del Presto, 5
 admission euro 3.00

Art and play have always been in dialogue, from the games portrayed in Renaissance times to the verbal-visual enigmas of the 20th century; from paintings showing swings, merry-go-rounds and kites to the disturbing funfair rides recently featured in museums; from paintings of masked balls in the 1700s to modern day costumes and simulations. Play – with all its rules – can provide a milieu for artworks, just as art can transport us into different worlds (just like play), dominated by identification, pleasure and challenges.

Art historian Antonella Sbrilli starts her talk with the series of works Medici Slot-machine by American artist Joseph Cornell: small interactive boxes that draw on two worlds, Florence at the time of the Medicis and slot machines in American gaming parlours, combining highbrow and lowbrow, childhood and adulthood, creation and luck. She continues with great examples from the world of art, both past and present.

Antonella Sbrilli teaches history of modern art at the University of Rome La Sapienza. She has researched on art and writing, curating (together with Ada De Pirro) the exhibition Ah che rebus! Cinque secoli di enigmi fra arte e gioco in Italia, in Rome at the Istituto Nazionale per la Grafica (2010-2011); she studied the application of computer technology to the history of art (Storia dell’arte in codice binario, Guerini e Associati, 2001) and has developed interactive games for the CdArt collection (Repubblica-Giunti Multimedia, 1996). For the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome she created TU M’inviti, 2012 and Giochi di Sala, 2015. She has a readers’ games column in the weekly publication Pagina99 and runs the blog about time in artistic fiction. With Grazia Tolomeo, she curated the exhibition Dall’oggi al domani. 24 ore nell’arte contemporanea (Rome, MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art, April-October 2016).