The magic game of the imagination

Arturo Brachetti

The magic game of the imagination

may sat 28, 2016 - 9.30 p.m.
teatro Manzoni - Corso Gramsci, 107
 admission euro 7.00

One or a hundred thousand? The man with a thousand faces, who is able to transform himself into thousands of characters in the bat of an eyelid (or maybe two), talks about his life in a spectacular evening, made up of illusions and fantastical journeys.

A face to face dialogue with the audience in which the world’s fastest quick-change artist explains how he is able to transform himself into multiple characters, not only wearing their clothes but above all their soul. It will be like a backstage peep into Arturo Brachetti’s life, discovering the “thousands of arts” in which he excels, like the fascinating chapeaugraphie, funny shadowgraphy, awe-inspiring sand painting and much more besides. He creates magic universes with very few objects, just by adding a splash of imagination.

Starting from the narration of his story and the attic where it all started, the Italian artist will lead the audience on a surprising voyage where anything is possible, just let your imagination run riot. 

Arturo Brachetti is an Italian artist and hugely popular and well-known performer internationally. He is considered a living legend in the theatre and the visual performing arts, and the Guinness Book of Records counts him as the fastest quick-change artist in the world. He is also a passionate and detailed director and artistic director, with a range spanning from comedy to musical, to magic shows and variety. Today he is the greatest actor-transformer, with a “gallery” of more than 350 characters and a continually evolving repertoire. A sample of the many awards he has won during his career includes the Molière prize (FR) and the Laurence Olivier Award (UK). In 2014, the then Italian President Giorgio Napolitano appointed him Commendatore with a personally issued decree. His books include Le ombre cinesi (Priuli&Verlucca, 2005); Uno, Arturo, centomila. Vita, magie e salti mortali dell'uomo dai mille volti (Rizzoli, 2007); and Tanto per cambiare (Baldini&Castoldi, 2015).