When the game gets tough: sport, mind and fatigue.

Matteo Rampin

When the game gets tough: sport, mind and fatigue.

may sat 28, 2016 - 4.00 p.m.
piazza dello Spirito Santo
 admission euro 3.00

What are the relations between the body and the mind in sport, whether it be individual or team activities, in game playing and even in the challenges of everyday life? Performance anxiety, the desire to win and the fear of losing are just some of the stresses our minds suffer during competitive games and sport.

Tiredness, negative thoughts and fears fight a completely internalised, yet exhausting battle against discipline and control. So competitive stress is something all sporting people and players have experienced. You cannot run away from exhaustion and fear of failure, you have to prepare yourself for them, both physically and mentally, because success is always a question of mentality, not merely something physical. Matteo Rampin, a psychotherapist and advisor to athletes and sports teams, illustrates strategies to adopt to achieve a real victory: over one’s fears and insecurities. 

Matteo Rampin, a psychiatrist and psychotherapist, is a consultant for public bodies and private companies on innovation, unconventional problem solving and persuasive communication. He is also a personal advisor to athletes, trainers and international managers. He has written more than 30 books published in Italy and abroad on such as the functioning of the human mind in a crisis, sport, problem solving and creative activities. His works include Lo sport dal collo in su (Scuola di Palo Alto, 2011); Andare avanti guardando indietro (2011), Elogio della fatica. Vincere, senza segreti (2014), Nel mezzo del casin di nostra vita (2014) published by Ponte alle Grazie; Persuasione estrema (Libreria militare editrice, 2013); Tecniche di controllo mentale. Analisi e contromisure (Aurelia, 2014); Mozart era un figo, Bach ancora di più (2014) and Come imparare a studiare (2016) published by Salani.