The gift of freedom, the freedom of giving

Corrado Augias andVirginio Colmegna

The gift of freedom, the freedom of giving

may sat 26, 2012 - 9.00 p.m.
piazza del Duomo
 admission euro 3.00

Personal relationships are a source of deep satisfaction when we give without expecting anything back—when freedom is at the basis of our choices. In order to experience the joy of giving, said Carlo Maria Martini, “we should not be anxious for ourselves: the personal ego should be strong enough”. Love in solidarity presupposes the conquest of freedom. The well-known journalist and author Corrado Augias and Father Virginio Colmegna will discuss the gift of freedom and the freedom of giving. They will examine the risk and the effort that the difficult choice of freedom entails if freedom is understood in its loftiest and fullest meaning. They will investigate the conditions, events, and times of history that make that freedom possible, and comment on how easy it is to lose it. They will emphasize the importance of self-confidence in any exchange— confidence in one’s identity, in one’s country, in one’s bonds in daily life. The gift is a personal as well as a collective deed—it concerns everyone. Whole countries can be selfish or on the contrary show solidarity, and the same goes for one part of the world vis-à-vis another.

Corrado Augias is a journalist, an author, and a television host. He regularly contributes to La Repubblica newsdaily, and has been hosting the cultural show ‘Le Storie—Diario italiano’ on RAI channel 3. His books include: I segreti di Roma (2005), Inchiesta su Gesù (with M. Pesce, 2006), Leggere. Perché i libri ci rendono migliori, più allegri e più liberi (2007), Inchiesta sul cristianesimo (with R. Cacitti, 2008), Disputa su Dio e dintorni (with V. Mancuso, 2009), I segreti del Vaticano (2010), all published by Mondadori; Il disagio della libertà (Rizzoli, 2012).

Virginio Colmegna, is a Catholic priest. In 1993 he was appointed by the then archbishop of Milan, Card. C. M. Martini, to head the Milan branch. He held the post until 2004, when he became president of the ‘Casa della carità’ Foundation. His books include: Cristiano di parola (with S. Landra, 2005), È bello per noi stare qui (with M. Mapelli, 2006), published by Centro Ambrosiano; Non per me solo (2011), and Parole nuove per la politica (edited by him and M.G. Guida, 2011) published by il Saggiatore.