The gift of writing

Daniel Pennac andStefano Benni

The gift of writing

may sat 26, 2012 - 9.30 p.m.
teatro Manzoni - Corso Gramsci, 107
 admission euro 3.00

For the two writers Daniel Pennac and Stefano Benni, the gift of writing is also the gift of sharing—with their readers, with whom they cultivate a relationship that goes over and beyond the written page, and that thrives on the stage that both of them often tread as actors. Inevitably, the two have established a special dialogue, and will discuss their work as two friends would. They will read passages from their most popular novels, and will offer the audience a preview of Pennac’s latest book, Journal d’un corps. Nothing is better than a book to create a bond—between author and readers, between the characters, their stories, and the reader’s imagination. The event will be held in cooperation with the ‘Il Funaro’ cultural center.

Daniel Pennac, has won great acclaim in France and in the rest of the world for his extraordinary imagination and creativity. After spending his childhood between Africa, Europe and Asia, Pennac has taught for years at a Paris high school. He was awarded the Légion d’honneur in 2005. He has authored a series of novels based upon the central character of Benjamin Malaussène. He has also written an essay on literature, Come un romanzo (1993). Feltrinelli has published all of his books including La fata carabina (1992), La lunga notte del dottor Galvan (2005), Diario di scuola (2008). His latest book, Journal d’un corps, has just been published in France by Gallimard.

Stefano Benni, is one of Italy’s most renowned authors. Wandering among the different genres—novel, poetry, science fiction, drama—and using a range of different languages, Benni has succeeded in elevating tragic-comic fiction from a structural and thematic element to a gesture of social criticism. His books include: Il bar sotto il mare (1987), La compagnia dei Celestini (1992), Bar Sport (1997), Le Beatrici (2011) published by Feltrinelli; La traccia dell’angelo (Sellerio, 2011).