Justice, freedom, equality

Amartya Sen

Justice, freedom, equality

may sat 29, 2010 - 11.30 a.m.
piazza del Duomo
 admission euro 3.00

What is justice? Can the most blatant forms of injustice be reined in? This lecture by Amartya Sen, Nobel Prize laureate for Economics and a master of contemporary thought, will focus on his theories on the connection between justice, freedom, and equality. “The need for an accomplishment-based understanding of justice”, Sen has written, “is linked to the argument that justice cannot be indifferent to the life that people can actually live… In noting the nature of human lives, we have reason to be interested not only in the various things we succeed in doing, but also in the freedoms that we actually have to choose between different kinds of lives… Being able to reason and choose is a significant aspect of human life”. In his talk, Prof. Sen will address the direct impact of his theory of justice upon political and moral philosophy.

Amartya K. Sen received the Nobel Prize for Economics in 1998. He has taught at the universities of Calcutta, Cambridge, New Delhi, Oxford and Harvard, and at the London School of Economics. Between 1998 and 2004 he was Dean of Trinity College, Cambridge. He is currently Lamont University Professor of Economics and Philosophy at Harvard University. His works have been translated into more than 30 languages. Following are some of his books available in Italian: La diseguaglianza. Un riesame critico (Il Mulino, 2000); Utilitarismo e oltre (with B. Williams, Net, 2002); Etica ed economia (Laterza, 2002); Scelta, benessere, equità (Il Mulino, 2006); Identità e violenza (Laterza, 2006); La libertà individuale come impegno sociale (Laterza, 2007). Also, Lo sviluppo è libertà (2001); Globalizzazione e libertà (2003); La democrazia degli altri (2005); L’altra India (2006); L’idea di giustizia (2010), all published by Mondadori.